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Do not forget about Palestine.

Do not forget about Ferguson.

Do not forget about Pakistan.

If you have the power to spread what is really going on in these countries and our own, please do. I’ve seen so many people’s eyes open up to the atrocities being committed against our fellow brothers and sisters. Social media and the circulation of their stories truly does make a difference.

Also, don’t forget about Israel and don’t forget about Africa and don’t forget about Asia and don’t forget about all the other 49 effing states ?! Where is that in your post?? There are innocent people everywhere. Don’t just narrow it down to the ones you want to.


Kind of makes you think that is anyone in this fucking world getting their rights?? People are being killed everywhere. Its no longer about one nation.Be it Gaza, Ferguson or Islamabad. There’s innocent blood being spilled everywhere and yet not one of those assholes behind the massacres are showing any concerns. These are the people being called leaders when they are are cold blooded killers.

And how about in Israel or how about in Africa or how about everywhere in the world?! Don’t just narrow it down to the innocent people in only those places.. Where some are not so innocent.



Bonan tagon!

Skura in Daigo-ji   醍醐寺. 櫻の花見 DSC_8334 by Ming - chun ( very busy ) on Flickr.

The kurt cobain part of the my wall is complete. On top of my bad ass fall out boy flag