You're a fucking piece of disgusting shit. Im anti Israel. Anti Zionist. And pro hammas. Pro Palestine. Pro humanity. You're fully and completely the biggest shot I've ever seen here.


I’m a piece of disgusting shit for wanting everyone safe? Hamas is responsible for the deaths of their civilians. They’re the ones who’re putting their own people in harms way to make Israel look bad.

This has nothing to do with being pro Palestine or not. It has to do with human lives  being harmed for nothing. Hamas is doing evil things for selfish reasons. There are humans being harmed by them on both sides of the conflict, and supporting Hamas is only going to kill more people. 

I’m Jewish. I have family in Tel Aviv. Being pro humanity while supporting Hamas’ violence is bullshit. If I’m trash for wanting my family in Israel safe, as well as every other family on BOTH sides, then that makes you worse than trash.

Pls get the fuck off my blog 


All this uneducated pro gaza shit makes me want to vomit.


isnt that a panic at the disco album

North Cascades National Park V ➾ Jayme Gordon


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